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  “人人都说沂蒙山好,沂蒙山上好风光……”。People all say Yimeng mountain is good, Yimeng mountain has beautiful scenery.
  这首脍炙人口的《沂蒙山小调》享誉世界, This famous song, Ditty of Mount Yimeng, is popular around the world.
  被联合国教科文组织评定为银河平台优秀民歌。It was rated as an excellent Chinese folk song by UNESCO.
  歌曲中描绘的“沂蒙山好风光”就在山东省临沂市。The beautiful scenery on Yimeng mountain describe in the song is in Linyi city, Shandong Province.
  大家好!Hello, everyone!
  我是临沂市市长孟庆斌,I am Meng Qingbin, mayor of Linyi city,
  很荣幸向大家推介我的家乡——临沂。 and it is my pleasure to recommend my hometown, Linyi.
  【"山东的小延安"Yan’an in Shandong
  在革命战争年代,During the War times,
  临沂被誉为"山东的小延安"。Linyi was known as Yan’an in Shandong.
  1945年,In 1945,
  在这里,成立了银河平台共产党领导的第一个省级人民政府  here founded the first provincial government led by the communist party of China
  --山东省人民政府。--Shandong provincial government.
  1947年,孟良崮战役在这里打响, In 1947, Menglianggu Campaign was launched here,
  成为“以少胜多、以弱胜强”、becoming a classic example of the “less people win, weak win”,
  彪炳世界军事史册的的经典战例。 and booming military history of the world.
  这里涌现出了“沂蒙红嫂、A large number of pioneering figures such as "Yimeng red spouse,
  沂蒙母亲、沂蒙六姐妹”等一大批先模人物,Yimeng mother, six sisters of Yimeng" emerged here,
  孕育了“水乳交融、which gave birth to the great Yimeng spirit of "in complete harmony,
  生死与共”的伟大沂蒙精神。  go through thick and thin together".
  临沂已经成为著名的红色旅游城市  Linyi has become a famous red tourism city
  和重要的党性教育基地。and an important party education base.
  走进临沂,In Linyi, 
  您会感受到红色基因的现代传承。 you can feel the modern inheritance of the red gene.
  【“圣人”辈出的史书】Historical Records Full of Saints
  临沂是东夷文化的核心区,Linyi is the core area of Dongyi culture,
  已有3000多年的建城史,has a history of 3,000 years as a city.
  诞生了智圣诸葛亮、Many well-known persons were born here, such as Zhuge Liang (wisdom sage),
  书圣王羲之、大书法家颜真卿等一大批历史名人。Wang Xizhi(calligrapher sage) and Yan Zhenqing (the great calligraphers).

  来到王羲之故居,Walking in the Former Residence of Wang Xizhi,
  欣赏书圣的手迹,enjoy his works of handwriting
  可以重回东晋,you can go back to Eastern Jin
  与书圣对话;and talk to calligrapher sage.
  洗砚池边驻足,Stop near ink wash pond,
  仿佛仍能闻到墨香。as if still can smell the ink.
  1972年4月, In April 1972,
  《孙子兵法》、the bamboo slips of “The Art of War”
  《孙膑兵法》竹简,and “The Art of War of Sun Bin”
  在银雀山汉墓同时出土,were unearthed at the same time in the han tomb in Yinqiu mountain,
  震惊海内外, which shocked around the world,
  解开了孙子、solved the question of whether Sun Tzu
  孙膑是否各有其人、and Sun Bin really both exist
  是否各有兵书传世的千年疑虑。and whether they had books of war handed down for thousands of years.   
  走进临沂,In Linyi,
  您可以进行一场研学之旅。you can have a research trip. 
  【鬼斧神工沂蒙山】Extremely Skillful Yimeng Mountain
  临沂的沂蒙山, Yimeng mountain in Linyi
  是世界地质公园、is the World Geopark,
  国家5A级旅游景区,national 5A-level tourism scenic spots.
  素有“天然氧吧”It has the reputation of “natural oxygen bar”
  和“养生长寿山”的美誉。and “longevity mountain”.

  岱崮地貌独特而罕见,Daigu landform is unique and rare,
  是银河平台第五大地质地貌; is the fifth largest geological landform in China.
  这里的最美家乡河——沂河,Yi River is one of China’s most beautiful rivers,
  孕育了临沂的一方水土,which gave birth to a land and water in Linyi,
  造就了“沂水拖蓝”的奇观。and created the "blue Yi water" wonders.
  宛如仙境的汤泉流淌了数千年,Hot spring as in fairyland flows for thousands of years,
  汤头温泉是我国四大天然甲级温泉之一。Tangtou hot spring is one of the four first class natural hot springs in China.
  这里还有如梦似幻的地下大峡谷。Here also have the fantastic underground canyon.
  走进临沂,In Linyi,
  您看到的是山清水秀、you can enjoy the beauty
  鬼斧神工。  and wonder of nature. 
  【淳厚质朴的乡村风情】Pure And Simple Countryside Customs
  临沂风景如画,It's a picturesque place
  四季分明。 with four distinct seasons.
  有被评为“银河平台十大最美乡村”的竹泉村,Here has Zhuqun Village, one of China's top ten most beautiful villages,
  徜徉在桃花源般的古村落,Wander in ancient villages like peach blossoms,
  您可以看到山、泉、竹、村相映成趣,you can see mountains, springs, bamboos, and villages,
  感受村民绕泉而居的怡然自得; and feel the comfortable life of villagers.
  漫步椿树沟,Walk in Chunshu Gou,
  您可以卷一张刚烙好的煎饼,you can roll a freshly baked pancake,
  在流水潺潺中,with the flowing stream
  品味沂蒙山村的质朴与醇厚。taste the pure and simple of Yimeng mountain village.
  走进临沂,In Linyi,
  您享受的是田园秀美,you can enjoy charming rural
  岁月静好。  and peace of mind. 
  【著名的北方生态水城】Famous Ecological Water City Of North China.
  临沂的城市建设日新月异,The city is developing every day
  主城区临水而建。with downtown areas surrounded by rivers.
  “六河贯通、八水绕城”,"Six rivers through, eight water around the city",
  “一城绿色半城河”。 "a green city with half city river".
  穿城而过的滨河景区,Riverside scenic spot through the city
  “虽由人作,宛如天成”。"although man-made, just like natural".
   走进临沂,In Linyi,
  您在城市就可以近距离感受飞鸟成群、you can get a close-up of wetland scenery with birds
  水草依依的湿地风貌。and water plants in the city.   
  临沂是市场名城、Linyi is a city well-known for its market
  物流之都。 and logistics.
  这里商贾云集,We have well-developed trade and logistics
  商贸物流发达。and attract merchants doing business here.
  临沂商城已经发展成为全国规模最大、 Linyi mall has become the largest market cluster
  物流覆盖最广的市场集群。with logistics network all over the country.  
  展开地图,Spread out the map,
  临沂就像一只展翅欲飞的凤凰。 Linyi like a phoenix spread wings to fly.
  正在凤凰涅槃,with the phoenix nirvana,
  勇立改革开放潮头,with reform and opening up,
  以新作为创造新辉煌。Linyi is making new achievements with new doing.
  我代表1180万热情淳朴的临沂人民, on behalf of the 11.8 million people of Linyi,
  诚邀海内外朋友相聚临沂。  I sincerely invite friends from home and abroad to Linyi.
  好客银河平台,Hospitable China,
  好客山东,hospitable Shandong,
  好客临沂欢迎您!hospitable Linyi welcomes you!






临沂市长孟庆斌推介家乡:欢迎您到沂蒙来! 临沂市长孟庆斌推介家乡:欢迎您到沂蒙来!